the entrance

the lack of capitalization and punctuation is just part of the aesthetic

for those who feel venturous, in this dangerous centralized internet...

hey, i go by lots of names online, but here i'll be nucleus ig, fun fact about me: my sanity is being held together by jazz and band-aids
i began working on this very recently, so there isn't much stuff to see yet, but feel free to visit back later, you might find something cool idk :)

$ 06-20-2023 i made this the other day, what do you think

anyways, here's some links you might wanna visit, they're in the front page but i'll keep them here for now:
> cool links index, always adding new stuff
> chatbox, for all the tomfoolers out there
> guestbook, be part of what made this site

if you do have any suggestions, leave them in the chatbox, i'll read them, maybe
mr skelly boner says: click me to toggle the music!

[user@root ~]$ echo "never gonna give you up"

like (or hate) what you see? leave a message in the guestbook <3

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